Free Hen & Chick Plants Giveaway

Young’s Garden wants to give you some free succulent plants! We are going to send the contest winner or assortment pack or 10 hen and chick varieties. Because we want customers to be excited when they receive their orders, we typically include a hen and two chick plants with each sempervivum variety ordered (that means you’ll get approx. 30 plants).

Just leave a comment on this post to enter the contest. On May 31st the contest ends. We’ll randomly select a winner and contact them via email on June 1st.

If you want an even better chance of winning put a link on your blog to this post, let us know you did, and we’ll enter your name 3 times into the contest. Good Luck!

Take a look at our colorful hens and chicks. You could receive 10 of these varieties free.

Sempervivum Plant Contest

Leave a comment to win Sempervivum plants



  1. elena's Gravatar elena
    May 22, 2012

    I love succulents! I can’t get enough & my friend & I are in the process of growing cuttings to make some living walls. We cannot wait so we can start creating. Your pictures look great!!

  2. Monica Foster's Gravatar Monica Foster
    May 22, 2012    

    I love succulents!! The more the merrier 🙂

  3. victoriagm's Gravatar victoriagm
    May 23, 2012    

    What is the best way to get sempervivum chicks to root?

    • May 23, 2012    

      Stick them in the dirt and they will root quickly. The only way that I know of to help it along would be with rooting hormone. But I have never done a test to see how much that helps with semps.

  4. Jessica's Gravatar Jessica
    May 23, 2012    

    Just made mini succulent gardens for some Grads I know!!

  5. Kelly Hart's Gravatar Kelly Hart
    May 23, 2012    

    Just getting into succulents and love, love, love them!!! I have a big wagon wheel rim that I want to plant different succulents in each section. I have some cat and kittens, but I didn’t realize there were so many different types!

  6. D.FRANCO's Gravatar D.FRANCO
    May 23, 2012    

    YOU cannot have just one !!! It becomes a addiction 8).

  7. Lea DeCook's Gravatar Lea DeCook
    May 23, 2012    

    Just started a living wall and would love to finish filling it in with these hen and chicks.

  8. May 23, 2012    

    I have enjoyed this flower for a long time. My mother-in-law started showing me how unique this plant is by putting it with other flowers. We have always had aloe in our garden and used it for burns and sunburns. I am now showing my daughter and daughter-in-laws how special these plants are and all the things you can do with them. I even plan to make fairy gardens with my grandchildren this summer, the free ones would be very useful:)

  9. Neala Hadley's Gravatar Neala Hadley
    May 23, 2012    

    Love hens and chicks just getting into succulents!

  10. Katie Sturtevant's Gravatar Katie Sturtevant
    May 23, 2012    

    I’m in the process of creating a vertical succulent garden, and any extras would help! Succulents are some of the coolest plants to work with, and so amazingly hardy

  11. Wanda's Gravatar Wanda
    May 23, 2012    

    I love succulents. I have several around my goldfish pond, but I have a hard time finding them at a reasonable price.

  12.'s Gravatar
    May 23, 2012    

    Absolutely love your plants

  13. Gabbie's Gravatar Gabbie
    May 23, 2012    

    Been planting succulents in anything I can get a hold of! Light bulbs are the most recent creation…

  14. Amy B's Gravatar Amy B
    May 23, 2012    

    Sounds Great! ~ I’ve just discovered succulents! Loving experimenting!

  15. May 24, 2012    

    I love these plants!! One can never have too many. I even make polymer clay “Garden Buddies” to dress up pots of sempervivum. My favorite website just gave an excellent review for your company too! Congrats!

  16. peggy's Gravatar peggy
    May 24, 2012    

    I love hens and chickens

  17. Jen Tomlinson's Gravatar Jen Tomlinson
    May 24, 2012    

    I love your site. I have a couple different kinds of hens and chicks but never realized there was such a variety, totally cool!

  18. Michelle's Gravatar Michelle
    May 25, 2012    

    I just bought me first hen and chick this year. I love all the different varieties you have. So neat!

  19. Theresa's Gravatar Theresa
    May 26, 2012    

    Love hens and chicks, found this site by accident and have fallen in love with all the varieties that you have. The quality and quantity that I get from Young’s is just great. Was told I went a bit overboard buying but the outcome looks great. Have made a few hanging bags and turned some fountains that do not work into semp containers, also have put some in my brick wall by pond.

  20. Sarah Kerridge's Gravatar Sarah Kerridge
    May 27, 2012    

    What a wonderful enticement you’re offering! The astounding variety of these plants is positively amazing. And you are right about their growing popularity (again) — I am seeing them offered in many mainstream garden centers as well as from rare plant specialists. You do have some gorgeous ones.

  21. yesen boyer's Gravatar yesen boyer
    May 28, 2012    

    i’ve become obsessed and just can’t enough of these!

  22. Holly's Gravatar Holly
    May 28, 2012    

    I am new to the succulent game and just love them! I have about 5 different kinds now on my porch and would love to expand the family.

  23. Christine's Gravatar Christine
    May 31, 2012    

    In just the past two days I have absolutely fallen in love with succulents. Your webstie is so informative and you have fabulous ideas – I want to order one of everything. Love the plater bags, purse, and the little birds are so precious. Working on my shopping list. I have an anniversary coming up – it looks like a Young’s wish list is in my husband’s future.

    • Christine's Gravatar Christine
      May 31, 2012    

      I do not have a blog page – but I did post a link to my facebook page and liked yours as well.

      • Christine's Gravatar Christine
        June 1, 2012    

        Checking back in – so excited to see if I win – would love to have a nice start to my collection.

  24. Carole Turner's Gravatar Carole Turner
    July 2, 2012    

    Your plants look awesome and so glad you have those hardy to zone 4!!

  25. mmm's Gravatar mmm
    April 24, 2013    

    This will be my first time growing succulents. A friend of mine has some and they are so beautiful. I am excited to try my own.

  26. Jo Ann Arbogast Tilley's Gravatar Jo Ann Arbogast Tilley
    May 29, 2013    

    I love watching Hens and Chicks grow! They are all so very different! I have some now with the stalks and they are blooming! They are so very pretty and unusual! Some of mine are the deep red! I love them! We moved from the east coast! I had them there, but only one variety! I would love to have more different ones!

  27. April 15, 2014    

    I sure do hope this contest is held every year! This last fall was my first experience planting Hens & Chicks a dear elderly lady in McCammon Idaho gave me some start to plant for my dear mother here in Spring Creek Nevada. I watched the video on how to plant the chicks and…… there’s nothing to it. If you have any idea the weather conditions here I must say I was skeptical cause winter hit hard and cold and snow.. Well its April 15th and EVERY SINGLE CHICK are beautiful thriving colorful already.

    Now all my parents friends ( retired)in this area are begging me to give them my baby chicks when they hatch. This is such a wonderful find for those who are unable to care for temperamental flower gardens and want color and beauty in their yards.

  28. leah's Gravatar leah
    May 12, 2014    

    Have two planters waiting for my hens and chicks

  29. Terry Williams's Gravatar Terry Williams
    June 6, 2014    

    I recently discovered that I am great with plants, I discovered Hen and Chick Succulent plants on Pinterest and I decided growing them would make a wonderful new hobby……. I have so many ideas on how to grow them, the living wall idea is Awesome, SO pretty!!!!

  30. Dave's Gravatar Dave
    February 8, 2015    

    Hens and chick sounds great I’m going to try them

  31. ana's Gravatar ana
    February 18, 2015    

    I love love love this plants, I wish I could grow them and give to the public, I think they are beautifu plants

  32. Penina Meisels's Gravatar Penina Meisels
    March 29, 2015    

    I just ordered 30 Edge of night hens and chicks. They arrived in beautiful shape and are getting settled in their new home. Thanks for sending such beautiful plants.

  33. April 18, 2015    

    I had never heard of this plant until last year when a close friend passed away. She left er plants for me and it devestated me that they died.I didn’t know how to care for them at that time. I would love to get some more in her memory. This time I know how to care for them. God bless everyone.

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