Happy Young Lady is a Succulent

Happy Young Lady is a Cotyledon succulent plant. I know, Cotyledon is a crazy name that no one wants to bother pronouncing. It’s about as exotic as the plant’s origins, though. Cotyledon are originally from the Arabian peninsula and desert regions of Africa like Namibia.

This particular variety, Happy Young Lady, grows in a bushy shape of silver dusted leaves dipped in maroon. These succulents make great houseplants. Just give them lots of sunlight and they will thrive with the lightest watering. Oh, and as an added bonus, the flowers are very unique and pretty too (see previous post on flowering succulents).


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  1. Leila's Gravatar Leila
    March 8, 2013    

    I have a Cotyledon that is indoors only in bright light and I am having a lot of leaf drop. The leaves that are dropping are not wilted or discolored, they look just fine, just all of a sudden are laying in the dirt under the plant.

    I water every 1-2 weeks, a small amount of water and it is well drained. Any ideas?

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