Hens and Chicks Up Close

Hens and Chicks grow in so many different colors. It makes them fun for tons of planting/home decoration ideas. Check out some close-up photos of hens and chicks (a common name for sempervivum plants). If you want a great variety of colors for your yard try our sempervivum variety pack.Bright Green Sempervivum

Let us know which of these varieties is your favorite!

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9 thoughts on “Hens and Chicks Up Close

  1. We have Hens & Chickens that my daughter swt out here at my home about 5 years ago. This spring there are waht some are calling roosters that have sprouted up in the mass of the plants. When they were first seen they were about 4 or 5″ tall hnd have just kept on growing. They are about 10 to 12 ” long and of course have fallen over somewhat and have what looks like a blosome that has formed some seed pods looking. The blosoms are about 3″ diameter. The stems and leaves where they sprouted has dried and I’m sure will die any time now. We have never seen or hered oh this before and are just wondering if it’s common? Tom Benjamin

  2. PLEASE …….Name each plant……so that I may shop for those I desire . Is there such a thing as an illustrated and named listing of all or most of the color variations ?

    • Here are the names of these varieties in order from top to bottom:
      Ohio Burgundy
      Royal Ruby
      Twilight Blues
      There are 3,000 to 4,000 varieties, so a complete photo library of varieties is hard to find. However, All Things Plants has a great sempervivum community with a good database.

  3. wow thank u fellow planters. I have seen this before to. Now my plants r doing it in side wanted 2 get a name and info 4 it . thanks

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