Echeveria Pretty in Pink

Perle Von Neurnberg. That’s the name of this echeveria. I suppose it is more of a pink-lavender, but it is gorgeous. Every so often you’ll see those pictures of succulent planters that look more like Easter egg baskets than planters. The colors are so bright that they look either painted or photoshopped. Well, it’s not fake. Echeveria, like Perle Von Neurnberg, really are that brilliant. Pink Echeveria Plant


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  1. October 13, 2012    

    Your succlent box looks fasnittac! What a good idea.I have boxes in the sun that I tried growning marigolds in the last two years. I fried them. Now I am trying geraniums. They are doing better but need dead heading at the moment. I never thought of succulents.

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