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Blooming Dogwood TreeIron Cross Oxalis

Garden Plants & Flowers

Young's Garden Calendar

2013 Planting Calendar

Gardening Time in Roseburg!

Roseburg's great climate allows you to enjoy your yard almost year round.

Our Gardening Calendar is a great tool to help keep on track in your garden month after month.

Gardening Guides

At Young's, we're all about your gardening success. These info sheets answer a lot of the common questions we get at Young's.

Youngs Favorite Plants

Every year Youngs makes thousands of recommendations to both beginning gardeners and enthusiasts. Youngs Garden Center has compiled some of their recommendations into lists to further assist you in decorating your yard. Learn about great plant options for your home and come check them out at Youngs.

Take a look at the plants people in Roseburg rave about Deer Resistant Plants Spruce up your yard without a lot of maintenance time

Grown Local Since 1967
Part of the Roseburg community since 1967, Youngs is still growing local. With the biggest, most healthy plants around, you'll find great value at Youngs... plants that are ready to thrive and produce in your yard!

Is a Petunia a Petunia?
Not only do we provide quality, but also variety. Strange as it may seem, plants have changed a lot in the past 50 years. Plants have been hybridized to grow in better forms, be more pest/disease resistant, and produce more.

You'll find lots of variety in roses, clematis, bedding plants, hanging baskets, fruit trees, rhodys, shrubs and hundreds of other plants at Youngs.

Nursery Plants

Hanging Baskets


We're famous for our gorgeous hanging baskets. They are stuffed with tons of color, ready to brighten your home. Whether you are looking for mixed sun baskets, shade baskets, or any other type of hanging basket, you'll find the perfect one at Young's.



If you're looking for year after year color, look no further. With varieties that bloom spring, summer and fall you can keep your yard looking amazing year round. Begin and finish your landscaping with help from Young's.



Our annuals are like a firework show in your garden. Verbena, petunias, geraniums, impatiens, lobelia and hundreds more colorful varieties are just waiting to fill your yard with color. Many people in the Roseburg area say when they want color in their yard, they head straight to Young's.



Jump start your vegetable garden with plants from Young's. We start our plants early in heated greenhouses to give you a head start. We are dedicated to helping you succueed in growing your garden. Our tomatos, cucumbers, peas, squash, peppers, herbs and other garden plants are big, strong and healthy... ready to start producing at your home.

Trees & Shrubs


At Young's you'll find a great selection of trees and shrubs to transform your yard into paradise. All of our varieties are used by avid local gardeners and are know to do well around Roseburg. Whether you are looking for something deer resistant, something for the shade, something with year round color, or any other landscaping needs, you'll find the perfect plants at Young's.