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Amazing Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets are stunning. They are the type of baskets that you see in magazines and think, "Oooh, that is awesome!" Baskets are an easy way to add exciting, long-lasting color to your home. You'll find a huge variety of brilliant sun and shade baskets at Young's from April to September.

Tips for Amazing Hanging Baskets

Beautiful baskets from Young's give you easy, instant color. They are just as easy to keep looking great. Just follow these simple care tips to keep an amazing hanging basket the entire summer.


Regular watering is one of the most important things to keep you basket in top condition. Generally you'll want to water every 1-3 days, whenever the soil on top is dry. When it gets really hot in the summer, temperatures in the 90's or more, your basket may have to be watered twice a day. The bigger your basket the more water it will need and more frequently. Try not to let your basket wilt badly. The more often it is water stressed, the more likely it is to have bug problems. The very best way to water if possible is to apply water slowly until it runs out the bottom holes of the basket.


We fertilize all of our baskets with our slow release fertilizer. A slow release fertilizer should continue to be applied every 4-6 weeks. This will keep the plants growing and healthy. We also recommend using Fertilome Blooming & Rooting Food (9-58-8) on top of this. This food will push tons of flowers from your basket and keep them looking gorgeous.


Your hanging basket is beautiful, but it is also delicious to bugs. From late May thru September you should be protecting your basket from bugs. The most common pest is aphids. You can use Bonide Guard & Grow for an easy, no-spray remedy. An alternative is to use Bonide Rose Systemic Drench. If you notice flowers disappearing, they are being eaten by budworms. To prevent this spray your basket with Bonide Captain Jack's.

Young's can provide more details on dealing with pests in your hanging baskets or answer any additional questions. Stop in anytime.