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Youngs Garden Top Plant Picks

These are a few plant varieties that we think deserve special mention in the featured category. They are all available at Young's. Stop by and see if you agree with our choices.

Jelly Bean Blueberry Jelly Bean Blueberry

BrazelBerries are designed to be ornamental berry plants. They grow in compact bushes that look great in a container on the patio. Jelly Bean is a cold hardy, rich green plant with hues of red. It produces a bumper crop of large, sweet berries.



Peach Sorbet Blueberry Peach Sorbet Blueberry

Stunning foliage with large berries. The leaves on Peach Sorbet range from vibrant peach and pink to lime green in spring to eggplant purple in winter. Produces a nice crop of berries in mid-summer. Mix this blueberry with other ornamentals as a great accent plant.



Raspberry Shortcake Raspberry Shortcake

A thornless, dwarf raspberry designed for patio containers... what's not to love? Raspberry Shortcake is easy care with no trellising required, leaving you with more time to enjoy its delicious berries.



Heuchera Heuchera

There's no better way to paint your landscape than with heuchera, which are best known for their vast rainbow of foliage colors. Heuchera or Coral Bells look fantastic wherever they grow: containers, landscape borders, rock gardens, etc. Don't rule these guys out thinking that they only grow in shade either, several varieties will thrive in full sun.


Rhododendron Rhododendron

We all know rhodys and azaleas. They are one of the Northwest's staples when it comes to landscaping and there's good reason. Rhody varieties range from 2' tall dwarfs to 6' giants. Evergreen, but in the spring, when they're in bloom is when they really shine. It's nearly impossible to really portray the colors with just a picture.


Dogwood Tree Dogwood

These flowering trees are one of our all time favorite plants. White, pink and red flowers are just one of their many positive characteristics... they don't grow enormous, they have four-season appeal, and they're easy-care. In our opinion, no yard is complete without a dogwood.



PJM Rhody Flower PJM Rhody

No doubt you've been seeing these around town. They are the first Rhody to bloom and one of the first blooms period. Their purpleish-pink flowers are perfect to break the drab gray of winter. This slow grower reaches 3-5' tall and is deer resistant.



Hyacinth Flower Hyacinth

There is no better smell than the flower of this bulb. Hyacinths come up in early spring with other bulbs like daffodils. They add a touch of color to the ground and nothing says spring like the scent of hyacinths wafting around the yard.



Flowering Cherry Tree Flowering Cherry Tree

These trees are absolutely gorgeous. Their colors burst out like an exclamation point that spring has arrived. Pink and white flowers fill the tree and glow in the sunshine. Plant one in your front yard or line your driveway, however you use them in your landscape it's sure to be stunning.



Anemone Anemone

Lots of different species and lots of bright colors with this plant. It's a perennial. So, you'll get year after year blooms. Make sure you give them good drainage. With soggy soil they won't make it through the winter. Anemones are beautiful in beds, in containers, or as cut flowers.



Carnation Carnation

A true Valentine's Day classic, but they look so much better when they're growing on a plant. The striking mixes of color are amazing, especially in large groups.




Ranunculus Ranunculus

Related to buttercups they produce brilliantly colored flowers. The flowers look like multiple layers of tissue paper. They make terrific container plants and cut flowers.




Blue Spruce Blue Spruce

There are several varieties of blue spruce to choose from: Colorado, Dwarf Globe, Hoop's and more. You can find any growth habit to fit your need, from 60' tall trees to 3' tall bushes. There are as many intensities of 'blue' as there are varieties.

Moonglow Juniper Moonglow Juniper

Moonglow is a showy conifer. Its silvery blue foliage grows in a nice conical shape making it an attractive landscape accent. It can also be used for screens and hedges. Growing at a moderate rate, this juniper can be 20ft tall and 8ft wide. Like most juniper, it's deer resistant.



Blue Star Juniper Blue Star Juniper

This variety is a change from tall, tree like junipers. It is a spreading groundcover of sparkling blue foliage. Plant it in rock gardens or as a border plant for a beautiful contrast against green and red leaves. Blue Star grows slowly into 2-3ft tall, 3-4ft wide mounds.



Sizzling Pink Fringe Flower Sizzling Pink Fringe Flower

A fairly new plant in the US, Fringe Flowers were introduced in the late 90's. Originally they hail from China. This shrub produces burgundy red new leaves that mature green. Its covered in showy pink flowers in spring and summer. Frame it with green plants to make the colors really pop.

Plant in full to partial sun. Water regularly when top 3" of soil is dry. Grows 4-6' tall and 4-5' wide. Round growth habit.



Curly Top Cypress Curly Top Cypress

This variety has unique, twisting foliage. It's not too weird to find a place in any landscape, though. Curly Top grows in a beautiful silver-blue, compact globe shape without pruning or trimming.

Plant in full sun to partial shade. Water regularly when top 3" of soil is dry. Grows 3-4' tall and 3-4' wide. Round growth habit. Maintains blue color all year.



Euonymus Aureo-MarginataGolden Euonymus

If you're looking for a colorful hedge, look no further. Euonymus' brightly variegated leaves naturally grow as a dense sound and sight barrier. It can either be left to grow natural, or it can be sheared into a neat and tidy shape. Plant just one to make a big, bold statement in your garden.

Plant in full sun to partial shade. Water regularly. Grows 5' tall and 4-5' wide. Upright growth habit. Easy care shrub. Takes pruning well.