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Bare Root Fruit Trees

Bare root is a great way to go on fruit trees. While the trees are dormant during the winter they are removed from the ground. Bare root trees then acclimate more quickly to new soil conditions and they are also more economical.

There are several places that offer bare root trees, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Tree growers grade their plants. The best trees are sent to orchards and nurseries like Young's. The lower quality trees (smaller, less healthy) are sent to big chain stores.
  2. To fit into bags the trees roots are cut off. This makes the tree weaker and delays fruit production.
  3. Not all fruit trees are suitable for all areas. Be sure that the variety you are buying does well in the area.

Fruit Trees - See the Difference

Young's Bare Root
Our bare root trees are large, properly cared for, and the varieties that do best in our area.

With fruit trees you want fruit. To produce fruit it takes an older, healthy tree. Our bare root trees generally begin to yield the next year and many of our potted trees produce fruit the same year.
Other's Bagged Root
To fit into these bags the roots are severely pruned. These trees may be cheap, but you defiantly get what you pay for. A weak root system can't support the top of the tree. This not only delays fruit production, but may also lead to other problems with the tree as well.