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Part of the Roseburg community since 1967, Youngs is still growing local. With the biggest, most healthy plants around, you'll find great value at Youngs... plants that are ready to thrive and produce in your yard!


Products Annuals

Our annuals are like a firework show in your garden. Hundreds of colorful varieties are just waiting to fill your yard with color. Young's offers high-quality, beautiful, local grown seasonal annuals.


Products Perennials

If you're looking for year after year color, look no further. With varieties that bloom spring, summer and fall you can keep your yard looking amazing year round.


Products Baskets

We're famous for our gorgeous hanging baskets. They are stuffed with tons of color, ready to brighten your home. Sun or shade baskets, we have a huge selection from Apr to Sept.



There's nothing like the taste of home-grown fruits and veggies. Fruits, berries, veggies, herbs, seeds and supplies. Youngs has everything you need to grow something delicious.



At Youngs you'll find not only tried and true varieties, but also new, unique plants to help you create an amazing landscape. Our trees and shrubs also carry a 2 year guarantee. Plant with confidence!



Planted containers around your home can be dynamite. We carry hundreds of styles of pottery for indoor or outdoor use. Find glazed clay pots, ceramic, terracotta, plastic & wood.



Find the tools you need to get your garden projects done. Shovels, hoses, pruners, garden shoes, stakes, growing supplies... if you need it for your time in the garden, we've got it.



Growing success begins in the soil. Our recommended fertilizers and all organic and natural potting soils and composts will keep your plants healthy and productive.


Products Fountain

Our garden fountains are perfect for transforming your backyard into a peaceful paradise with their soothing sounds. Add a lot of "Wow" to your home with these simple install, easy maintenance water-features.



Shop our garden decor selection and find the perfect, unique gift. We have a nice assortment of unique garden and home decor, wind chimes and green gifts.



Put a little fairy magic in your garden. We have an extensive selection of fairies, fairy houses, accessories and the right plants to create your own mini garden.



Stop garden pests and disease from devastating your plants with the right solutions. We have the products and knowledge to help you solve your gardening problems.


Rhodys are a great go-to plant for gardens here in Oregon. These broadleaf evergreen shrubs are absolutely covered in big spring blossoms.

With mature plant sizes ranging from 1 ft to 7+ ft in diameter and options that include sun and shade tolerant varieties, rhodys should find a place in almost any yard.

Youngs carries top quality plants of over 70 different varieties that perform exceptionally well in our area. View some of our rhody varieties.

Difference SelectionYOUNGS DIFFERENCE

So what is it that makes our stuff better? We can sum that up in a few words: local quality, variety and care.

Quality: We either grow our own, or search out other top quality local growers in order to provide the healthiest plants possible. Often we will hand select each plant to get the biggest and best. We do this to ensure your success in your garden.

Variety: Great selection of unique plants, but also the best varieties. Varieties we select have been grown to have better forms, be more pest/disease resistant, and produce more. We carry the strongest, most colorful and fruitful varieties that do exceptionally well in our area.

Care: We care for our plants as if they were in our own yards. Watering, fertilizing and pruning according to the plant's needs to ensure that it is healthy when you take it home.

GUARANTEE: Our mission is for you to be successful in your garden, so we offer a guarantee* on our trees and shrubs. Plant with Confidence!
*Talk to a Youngs team member for details.

Youngs Favorite Plants

Every year Youngs makes thousands of recommendations to both beginning gardeners and enthusiasts. Youngs Garden Center has compiled some of their recommendations into lists to further assist you in decorating your yard. Learn about great plant options for your home and come check them out at Youngs.

Take a look at the plants people in Roseburg rave about Deer Resistant Plants Spruce up your yard without a lot of maintenance time