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Difference SelectionYOUNGS DIFFERENCE

So what is it that makes our stuff better? We can sum that up in a few words: local quality, variety and care.

Quality: We either grow our own, or search out other top quality local growers in order to provide the healthiest plants possible. Often we will hand select each plant to get the biggest and best. We do this to ensure your success in your garden.

Variety: Great selection of unique plants, but also the best varieties. Varieties we select have been grown to have better forms, be more pest/disease resistant, and produce more. We carry the strongest, most colorful and fruitful varieties that do exceptionally well in our area.

Care: We care for our plants as if they were in our own yards. Watering, fertilizing and pruning according to the plant's needs to ensure that it is healthy when you take it home.

GUARANTEE: Our mission is for you to be successful in your garden, so we offer a guarantee* on our trees and shrubs. Plant with Confidence!
*Talk to a Youngs team member for details.