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Sedum Plants for Sale

Sedum Succulent Plants

Hardy sedum plants for sale. Sedum succulents make a great ground cover in flower beds and trailing down containers. Choose from colorful varieties like, angelina, album, rupestre, sieboldii and other stonecrops.

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Sedum Stonecrop Plants

Family: Crassulaceae
Genus: Sedum
Common Names: Stonecrop
Plant Habit: Cactus/Succulent, Spreading Groundcover
Life Cycle: Perennial

There are over 800 sedums that originate all over the world, from cold mountains to warm beaches. Some varieties are very hardy, while others need protection if outside their natural climate condition. Most varieties from Young's are the hardy, but there are a few exceptions. Like other succulents, sedums offer many unique textures and colors. These low maintenance plants are drought tolerant, thrive in poor soil and spread quickly to fill the desired area.

Like aeoniums, cotyledons, echeverias and sempervivums, sedums have a special means of breathing that limits water loss. Most plants open their pores (stomata) during the day-time to breath. However, to conserve water sedums have a limited number of spores that only open at night. To do this the night-time temperatures need to be cooler than day temperatures.

These are perfect garden plants. Sedums are decorative between paving stones, great fillers in containers and create colorful groundcovers in landscaping. We know you'll enjoy these succulent plants as much as we do.

Plant Care Information

Sun Exposure: Plant in Full SunFull Sun, Plant in Part SunPart Sun
Soil Type: Average, Good Drainage
Water Needs: Light
Maintenance: Easy Care
Hardiness Zones: 4-9; View Map
Plant Hardiness ZonesCold Hardy to -20° to -30°F

Features and Benefits

Drought Tolerant PlantDrought Tolerant
Alpine Rock Garden PlantAlpine Plant
Attractive FoliageFantastic Foliage

Deer Resistant PlantDeer Resistant
Pest Resistant PlantPest Resistant
Perfect for PlantersPerfect for Planters

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