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Burro's Tail Sedum morganianum

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Sedum morganianum is known by many different names: Burro's Tail, Donkey's Tail, Lamb's Tail, Horse's Tail. Whatever you call it, this succulent holds an indispensable place among succulents. It's a perfect trailing plant, making it great for hanging baskets, a spiller in containers, or a hundred other uses.

Burro's Tail grows in bright light, but should be shaded from direct summer sun. Water it regularly until the plant is established. If the leaves look shriveled, it may need more water. Donkey's Tail makes a great houseplant. Handle this succulent with care. The leaves fall off very, very easily.

Foliage Color: Gray-Green
Size: 3-6" tall x 24-36" wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Pot Size: Bare Root
Hardiness Zones: 9-11; View Map
Plant Hardiness ZonesCold Hardy to 20° to 30°F