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Succulents & Echeveria Plants

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Tender Succulent Plants

Young's offers several amazing varieties of tender succulent plants. Most of the succulent plants available from Young's Garden are members of the Crassulaceae family. This plant family has more than 1,100 species. Tender succulent plants are not cold hardy. They can be grown as perrennials in mild climates or annuals. They can also be enjoyed in areas with cold winters as houseplants or if they are completely protected from frost.

Features and Benefits

Drought Tolerant PlantDrought Tolerant
Evergreen PlantEvergreen
Attractive FoliageFantastic Foliage

Deer Resistant PlantDeer Resistant
Pest Resistant PlantPest Resistant
Perfect for PlantersPerfect for Planters

Plant Care Information

Sun Exposure: Plant in Full SunFull Sun; Plant in Part SunPart Sun
Soil Type: Good Drainage, Sandy
Water Needs: Light to Average
Maintenance: Easy Care
Hardiness Zones: 9-11; View Map
Plant Hardiness ZonesCold Hardy to 20° to 30°F


Aeonium - Crassulaceae plant family
There are many species of aeoniums. Most ae from the warm Canary Islands, Cape Verde Isles and Morocco. They are wonderful garden plants and are available in a wide range of forms from branching plants to groundcovers. Many aeonium plants also look great in containser. They tolerate dry conditions, but some species drop their leaves in the intense heat of the summer. Although very similar to sempervivum, aeonium will not survive heavy frost.

Cotyledon - Crassulaceae plant family
These are often bushy plants and slightly hardier than most crassula family. Most are originally from South Africa, Namibia, Abyssinia and the Middle East. The leaves come in a wide range of shapes and textures. Cotyledon succulent plants have bell-shaped flowers that grow on a thin stem above the plant. The flower stem grows from the center of the plant. Cotyledons are very showy in both the garden and containers. Full sun is prefered, but they can also grow in part shade. Established plants can be trimmed down to the desired size and shape.

Crassula - Crassulaceae plant family
Crassulas are a large genus with nearly 200 species. Thes plants range from annuals to perennials, shrubs to semi-aquatic plants. Most of these plants are native to South Africa, tropical Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East and Europe. Each plant offers a different feature to make it popular for planters.

Echeveria - Crassulaceae plant family
Echeveria are some of the most colorful and spectacular succulent plants. They grow very large with thick succulent leaves in a rosette form. Echeveria succulent plants are originally from Mexico and Central America. Bell shaped flowers on long stems can be yellow, orange, red or pink. Some varieties are more tolerant of wet and cold than others. All echeveria can withstand fairly cold temperatures if the soil they are planted in is dry and there isn't any water on the leaves. Frequent rain and cold on their leaves will cause rot and disease. As the plants grow, remove the dead leaves at the plant's base. Echeveria can look amazing in containers, and mass plantings.

Graptopetalum - Crassulaceae plant family
These plants are native to Mexico. They resemble echeveria with rosettes of thick leaves. Graptopetalum are best grown in full sun, but in warm, dry conditions they will tolerate partial shade. They are amazing planted in containers and as rockery plants.

Graptosedum - Crassulaceae plant family
These are a crosses between Graptopetalum and Sedum plants. They grow with some characteristics of both plants. The thick leaves fall off these plants easily to propagate new plants. They should be handled with care when transplanting.

Kalanchoe - Crassulaceae plant family
Most kalanchoe plants are originally from Africa and Madagascar, with some from India, China, Malaya, and other tropical areas. Kalanchoe are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. Kalanchoe don't like frost. The distinctive foliage of the plants often makes them easy to recognize.

Pachyphytum - Crassulaceae plant family
This is another succulent native to Mexico. It is related to echeveria and requires the same treatment. The fat leaves are eye catching and pretty in containers.

Senecio - Asteraceae plant family
This is a group of over 100 species that originate all over the world: Mexico, Canary Islands, Middle East and South Africa. Most senecio plants grow to be large bushes.


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